Monday, September 17, 2012

How to sew your own drapey oversized top

Do you have an oversized shirt that you wished you had more of? You can make as many as you want if you follow a few easy steps.  

All you need is some fun fabric, tracing paper, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, a sewing machine, an oversized shirt to trace from, and pins.

Now lets get started…Grab an oversized top out of your closet that you want to replicate. (Mine is from Brandy Melville)

lay your shirt as flat as possible and place a sheet of tracing paper over the shirt. The goal is the trace around the shirt, therefore pin all around the shirt for it to be stable while you trace it.

you only need to trace half of your shirt because we are going to cut the fabric on a fold once for the front and again for the back. Add half inch all the way around your pattern and an inch at the hem. Your patter should look like this:

To have finished edges on your garment you can either add facing or lace like I did here:

or lace:

Lay your pattern on the fold of the fabric like this:

Cut on the fold once for the front and again for the back, it should look like this:

Put the right side of the front and back fabric together and mark half an inch all the way around with an inch at the hem and pin.

sew side seams and shoulder seams, then add facing or lace

After you complete the hem you are finished!;)


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