Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Halloween Skeleton Costume

Are you still unsure about your Halloween costume because you don't want to dish out the money for something that you're only going to wear one night ?

I was in the same predicament earlier this week when a friend asked me about my costume and I zero ideas....but, after some searching for inspiration and I ended up finding the perfect halloween costume for just under 5 bucks!






What you will need:
- computer & printer (free)
- card-stock paper for skeleton stencil ($0.35)
- leotard, dress, shirt, or any fabric (closet)
- foam brush ($0.50)
- fabric paint ($1.95)
- small scissors (exacto knife* is preferred)
- hole puncher *


1. First thing you need to do is print out the skeleton stencil above. I made the stencil on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but it wasn't able to upload as a file so I made it into the largest picture I could find... However if you have these 2 programs you can try and open them in there!

2. For an easier start if you have an exacto knife, slowly cut out the stencil on a solid backing or if you only have scissors, punch holes in the stencil so you have an easier place to start and if its too far in, continue punching holes as you cut and get closer to the center.

** Tips: Color in the stencil with a highlighter or marker so you don't get confused on which areas you are cutting out!

2. Once you are finished cutting place over any type of item or fabric you want the skeleton design to be on and tape around the outer edges of the card-stock paper to hold in place.

3. Now dip you foam brush into the paint and lightly dab onto the fabric vertically so it doesn't smear underneath the stencil.

4. Take off stencil and its all done! It's that easy!

**Extra Tip: Instead of using paint use tacky glue and add glitter in between steps 3 and 4 to get a more glam look!

$107.00 - $ 249.00

$ 3.00 - $ 15.00

Hope you liked our holiday DIY for Revamped Vintage!! 
Have a Happy Halloween :)