Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Chevron Print Frame

I know Halloween hasn't occurred yet, but Christmas items are already in the stores! What better gift than a hand painted frame! Chevron prints are such a fun way to add excitement to your living room or bedroom.

Anthropology $22.00

Lets Get Started!
What you will need is primer (if the frame isn't a bland square of raw wood), paint (I chose white and Teal), a paint brush and a ruler, and something to put under your frame so paint doesn't get on your work surface.
You can purchase paint at your local craft store I got mine at Michael's.

Next, you will need to prime old frames that you want to spruce up! Priming your frames will allow you to have the bold colors without a second coat or get rid of an existing design on a frame so you can start with a blank canvas.
Once the primer is done drying you can start drawing on your chevron design.

When you draw your lines on the frame make sure to use pencil and start at the corner. Place you ruler slanted along the edge. Decide the width of the chevron stripe that you want I did mine a quarter of an inch thick; therefore I placed the ruler a quarter of an inch from the first line. Next, mirror the two lines that you just created. Repeat this process all the way down the frame.
Next, paint in the lines that you made! Use a brush around the same width of the stripe it will make it easier!
Once your frame dries put in a picture! I loved how my frame turned out so much I decided to make more!

Another fun idea is to hot glue on shells for a cute finish!

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